Training Topics 20- 24 April 2020

Monday 20th Scanning documents and listening to music

Tuesday 21st Managing phone contacts

Wednesday 22nd Effective browsing techniques

Thursday 23rd Working with photos

Friday 24th Online Shopping

4 thoughts on “Training Topics 20- 24 April 2020”

  1. Thanks Arlaine,
    When I can drop in I always find something interesting, new and useful that you share. You have established a nice, supportive tech community.

  2. These training sessions have been so beneficial and practical. Great interaction with members of the group. We learn from other participant’s questions. The old saying “I do not know ,what I do not know” is so relevant. I am now knowing what I do not know and Arlaine is giving me the answers.
    All the best Lynne

  3. Thanks Arlaine for such comprehensive, step by step, bite size pieces of information that I can implement straight away. These sessions have removed so much computer confusion for me and built my confidence and capacity to use far more functions and work out issues that come up. Much appreciated

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