Productivity Modules

Learn how to manage your files, create new folders and find your documents without spending hours searching for them
Spend time searching for the same site over and over again? Keep your favourite sites handy with bookmarks and favourites - whether you are on computer or on mobile phone
Looking for the perfect tool to help with managing your tasks - we have some of our favourites to share with you!
Enhance your browsing activity with Extensions - learn what they are are and how they can improve your productivity whilst you are online. Tools for almost every possible activity!
Are you spending too much time searching the internet for what you want. Learn how to narrow your search and find what you are looking for first time
A cluttered desktop can result in a cluttered mind - clean up and tidy your desktop so that you can find the icons you are looking for easily
Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Facetime, Facebook Messenger, Google Meet, Whatsapp - there are so many conferencing applications, learn what's available and what is best for you
What is the cloud, why do we need it, what and why are we storing data on the cloud. Whether to use Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox - what do they cost and which one should you choose.
Save time by dictating rather than typing. Dictate in Microsoft Word, or when sending messages - or have Microsoft Word read your text back to you!! Use Alexa, Cortona or Google to assist you with your tasks.