Stay Safe Online


If you are wondering how to stay safe and protected online, this module is for you!

We look at 10 top tips to Protect yourself!

Understanding and loading Apps

This module will explain some of most commonly used Apps - what they do and how to load them to your device using PlayStore (Android Device) or the App Store (Apple).

Commonly used Apps for


Using Email on your device


In this module we will ensure that you have the right app to retrieve your emails and that it has been configured correctly

We will delve into the different providers of email services including

We will look at



Working with images

in this module we will look at managing images on your device using the Camera and the gallery

File Collaboration and cloud storage

This module will explain different methods of managing files online so they are accessible on any device you use. You will understand the different file storage options, how to use them, and how to share files with family and friends.

Popular applications include:

Chatting online with video or audio

There are many applications that you can use to communicate with friends and family
This module will cover Using the phone (and adding Contact to your directory) as well as a number of Commonly used Apps for communication. We will look at pros and cons of each app and load the ones you will use.

Pros and cons of each app and how to load them