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If you’re using a Windows operating system (which is the most common one among Australians), you are at risk of being hacked, despite the anti-virus software you might have installed.

But how do you understand the intricacies of operating system security and plug holes you didn’t even know your security perimeter had?

This course will teach you how to do just that,

Passwords are your first line of defence – what are you doing to secure your front door?  Unsecured passwords are as dangerous as leaving your front door open!

Learn about a “Password Manager” and how it can keep all your sites safe (without you having to write down all your passwords

When it comes to Google security and privacy settings, you must take command of your own security. While you can very well employ an IT expert to set up your accounts safely, the more you surf, accumulate data, add extensions, and do other activities on Google, the greater chance of your being attacked. Take control of your own security in a few simple steps.

The black markets value Facebook data—and there are always skilled hackers lurking online who are on the lookout for people who don’t know how to secure their Facebook.

This is where this course comes in, aimed at teaching you how to secure your Facebook so hackers can’t get the best of you.

The router can be your gateway to a wonderful world of information—or it can be a doorway to cyber threats.

The scenario that will happen with you is up to you.

Wi-Fi access has become not only a business imperative but also a common household thing. And while you might have invested in a software or two to secure your browsing experience, not focusing on the router’s security can end up wasting their investments, giving hackers the perfect window to get inside your security parameter.