Getting Started on my computer

Whether it’s understanding file and folder management – different methods of communications from video chats to phone calls to emails or utilising Microsoft’s flagship products Microsoft Word and Excel to gain maximum benefit from your machine – we have the topics covered:

Managing your computer

Microsoft Excel

Managing Word

This module takes a deep dive into file management including

  • Cloud storage options e.g. Dropbox, One Drive, Google Drive
  • Local Storage (on this PC)
  • Network storage
  • Creating and managing your filing system
  • Locating documents that are filed using wildcards
  • Understanding File formats and key applications for different file formats

This module will cover how to best browse the internet

  • Using Keywords
  • Bookmarking Sites
  • Managing Bookmarks
  • Browser shortcuts

Using Email on your device


In this module we will ensure that you have the right app to retrieve your emails and that it has been configured correctly

We will delve into the different providers of email services including

  • Your service provider (e.g. Optus or Telstra)
  • gmail
  • hotmail
  • yahoo
  • or other options you may have

We will look at

  • Send emails with or without attachments
  • Receiving emails and opening attachments
  • Replying to and forwarding emails
  • Manage your inbox
  • Understanding folders or labels in email



  • Using shortcut keys to move between sheets
  • Selecting blocks of text
  • Flash fill and autofill
  • Freezing Panes
  • Paste special
  • Basic formulas
  • Absolute referencing
  • Show formulas
  • IF Function


  • Quick analysis tool
  • Data Validation
  • Auto fit column width
  • Conditional formatting
  • Vlookups and Hlookups
  • Sumifs
  • Goal Seek
  • If Error
  • Financial functions
  • and more
  • Filtering data
  • Removing duplicate
  • Transposing data
  • Text to columns
  • Inserting screenshots
  • Creating Charts
  • Creating Pivot Tables
  • Power Pivot Tables