Take a look at a few of my top tips that are guaranteed to improve your productivity

Typing in data or importing from another applicaiton – look at how to manipulate the data on your spreadsheet

In this introduction to formulas and functions – we look at the structure of a formula and how to create one – understanding basic operators and simple functions

Take a good look at how to format your data – in this multipart section we look at formatting numbers, dates and text to get the layout you want for your data

Managing the layout of your worksheets including column widths and row heights – showing and hiding data

Understand defining the area to print, how to print as well as setting up headers and footers

Show your data in easy to read charts – bar, line and pie charts to manage any types of data

Working with multiple sheets in a workbook or linking data across worksheets – learn about the best ways to manage cross sheet data.

Get involved in more advanced functions in Excel – learn how to make nested if statements and lookup data in your spreadsheet

Sharing spreadsheets with others – need to secure the formulas or data – protect your information – this module goes into how to protect and secure the spreasheets with passwords

Using databases of intormation, learn how to sort and filter your data  

Summarise your data and explore trends based on your information. Learn how to create summary charts or tables with this very useful feature