Hi my name is Arlaine and I am the founder and CEO of CMB Computers in Australia as well as the primary trainer.  I migrated from Johannesburg to Sydney more than 20 years ago!  I love living in Sydney and although I miss South Africa and the people there, I am so grateful every day for the life I live in this fabulous country.

I am in equal parts a passionate educator and a technology geek and love learning about what is going on in the worlds of adult education as well as the changes in Technology.   For most of my working life I have been both a student and an educator and my greatest joy is in assisting people to learn new skills that will benefit them in their daily lives. My key focus is to take away any fear and overwhelm that technology may bring and to break down complex  concepts into easy to understand components.  

Technology is a tool which we use every day and it can enhance our lives or it can frustrate us immensely.  Once we know how to use it to our advantage – it becomes an extremely exciting and useful tool.  

I believe that learning in small chunks allows one to embed the skills before moving on to the next chapter and love the idea of byte size modules of learning!

My Background

A Undergraduate Degree in Computer Science and Psychology together with an MBA has given me a thorough grounding in a wide variety of technology, business and education.

I love learning and am committed to helping people make the leap into the area of Technology with confidence and ease, irrespective of whatever device they may be using.