MultiFactor Authentication

Ever wondered what multifactor authentication is and whether or not you should use it?

I like to compare it to a reinforced deadbolt on your front door. You use a lock i.e. your username and password as your first line of defence.  You may have a very weak lock which any hacker can easily push through and even if you’ve got a strong password – there is always the possibility that somehow a  hacker manages to get that password  If you have the deadbolt (or a second form of authentication) behind You are protected from them breaking through your defences.

although there are two methods of everything multifactor authentication , the strongest method is to use an authenticator app. Many organisations now produce authenticator apps and commonly used ones are the Microsoft and Google Authenticator apps .

Possibly the best authenticator app on the marketplace right now is Authyand wear it wins over both Google and Microsoft is that it is available on multiple devices so if you have a tablet and a mobile phone you can instal it on both of your devices and authenticate from either .

no matter which authenticator app you use it’s time to start taking your security seriously and double locking those  sites that contains sensitive data !

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